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While he may just seem like a boring ol’ biochemist to most, this strapping young lad hides an incredible secret. By night (and any other time, honestly) he becomes- Ryan Gaiser: Voice Actor Extraordinaire!He’s been in video games, animations, audio dramas, visual novels, narration, hosting, and even in front of the camera and on stage! If you can think of it, he’ll probably do it. Please feel free to browse this amazing website, listen to his demos, and read through his resume.Ryan also has his very own broadcast quality home studio. This way, you can have him record high quality takes and send them anywhere in the world! (He’s still more than glad to go into your studio, though.)If this fine boy sounds like the kind of guy you want for your project, please don’t hesitate to reach out! He’ll be thrilled to hear from you, and is looking forward to helping with whatever you may need.

Artwork done by @gearwurk

• Icion- Glyde The Dragon (Video Game Demo)
• A Blind Play of Social Forces (Season 3)
-The Quiet One- William and Bernie
-Cosmic Interference- Jay (Audio Drama)
• Bardic Quest for Love- Peaceful Paw Goblins (Video Game)• WILDWARD- Casey (Animatic Series)• THE CONTRACT BOUND- Fight Club Proprietor and Courier (Visual Novel)• Radioverse- Anterograde- Patient (Audio Drama Series)• Soul to Squeeze- High Schooler (Audio Drama)• A Blind Play of Social Forces (Season 1)- Best Laid Schemes- Crocodile (Audio Drama)• When Tower Angels Fall- Aidan/Street Youth• The Actor's Dungeon- Mak the Kobold, Nanners (Live Improvisation)• Ryanthegamingdragon - Host (Review Series)
• Closing Credits Promotional Video- Self (Advertisement)
• Kings Island's Halloween Haunt- Scare Actor
• The Dinner Detective Murder • Mystery Dinner Show- Performer (Interactive Theater)• The Wicked Awesome Boston Variety Show- Performer (Variety Show)
I Wanna Watch The Very Best - Host (Podcast series)

Training---------------------------------------------------• 1 on 1 coaching & Workshops Lau Lapides Company• 1 on 1 coaching with Richard Horvitz
• 1 on 1 coaching with Morgan Berry
• 1 on 1 coaching with Brook Chalmers
• Characters with Debi Derryberry, Sonny Strait, Jennifer Trujillo, and Erin Fitzgerald, Cassandra Lee Morris, Christian La Monte, Michael Allan Schneider & Lisa Ortiz
• ADR with Kiba Walker, Jason Lord, Fannie Brett-Rabault, Tony Oliver & Dorah Fine
• Video game and exertion voices with Michael Orenstein & Kira Buckland• Extreme Vocals with Michael Schwalbe• Horror with Pamela Kramer• Commercial, Theatrical and VO Masterclasses via LA Studio for Performing Arts Hosted by Walid Chaya; taught by Lisa Pantone, Pamela M. Staton, Tim Nackashi, Carlyn Hudson, Ani Avetyan, and David Rosenthal• Improvisation Meetups• Sword Fighting with Queen City Sword Guild• Singing with Cincinnati Music Academy

Stellar X2 Large Capsule Condenser Microphone
Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface
Booth internal computer and camera
Reaper DAW
Source Connect capable
Wired Ethernet Connection
Noise suppression booth